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HRG successfully delivers Syngenta’s global travel programme

HRG successfully delivers Syngenta’s global travel programme

Hogg Robinson Group (HRG) and Syngenta Crop Protection AG have successfully delivered the global implementation of the Syngenta travel programme. This programme has consolidated suppliers, brought about efficiencies of scale and created visibility of travel information whilst setting new worldwide standards.  HRG has been working with Syngenta for over a decade on various travel management requirements for several markets. 

In August 2010 Syngenta, one of the world’s leading agrochemical companies with over 26,000 employees in more than 90 countries, asked HRG to maximise efficiencies and create global standards on travel by implementing a global plan.  The plan needed to incorporate different elements such as: global supplier negotiation assistance delivered by HRG Consulting, extra travel policy compliance measures, global pricing desk support and online booking tools. HRG i-Suite, HRG’s proprietary web-based portal that integrates self-service reservation tools, data consolidation and reporting, expense management and traveller tracking capabilities were implemented to complement the savings plan. 

By developing a strong working relationship with Syngenta’s senior management on both the local and regional level, HRG was able to acquire additional extensive knowledge and expertise about the agricultural specialist’s culture and travel needs.  This initial step enabled HRG to address the individual traits and requirements in different territories, a vital factor in the overall success of the project. HRG then devised and implemented a full travel programme with high level global guidelines, as well as flexibility that allows for local practices.

Syngenta and HRG jointly implemented the new global travel policy which accommodates the specific needs of local Syngenta entities.  As management information is crucial for such a large organisation, HRG Reporting was also extended across the company to provide access for the global travel manager and regional executives.

In territories where HRG and Syngenta had an existing relationship, the technology was implemented within three months.  Additional territories were implemented with a phased approach, beginning in Asia.  96% of the target volume had been successfully implemented by December 2011.


Additionally, HRG has played a vital role in coordinating Syngenta’s travel security requirements across all of Syngenta’s key territories.  HRG has integrated all security information into the overall travel programme, ensuring that the safety and security of Syngenta employees is paramount at all times.

Stewart Harvey, HRG’s Group Commercial Director, says: “This is a fantastic example of two forward-thinking organisations working together to achieve common – albeit challenging – goals.  Syngenta reflects many of our own values, including innovative thinking and a truly international outlook.  We are delighted to maintain our longstanding relationship with Syngenta and confident the partnership will thrive as we jointly identify further opportunities to develop the travel programme.”

Pauline King, Syngenta’s Head of Global Indirect Procurement says, “Several factors were crucial to the success of this global contract, such as Syngenta and HRG’s strong relationship and HRG’s understanding of – and respect for – the targets of local teams.  This led to a genuine partnership, resulting in an effective global travel programme that accounts for local needs and brings many mutual benefits.”