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Heineken Experience becomes top visitor attraction in Amsterdam

Heineken Experience becomes top visitor attraction in Amsterdam

The Heineken Experience has welcomed its one millionth visitor, and has now become the most visited attraction in Amsterdam.

Housed inside the Heineken brewery, which was built in 1867 in Amsterdam, it is one of the most impressive industrial heritage sites in the Netherlands.

Today it is a self-guided interactive journey through the world of Heineken, revealing the rich company history and its craftsmanship in beer brewing.

The experience includes the former brewery, tasting bar, brewing simulator ride and stable walk, where visitors can see Heineken’s Shire horses, traditionally used for delivering beer across the city.

The Heineken Experience opened its doors to the public in 2008.


Since then visitor numbers have grown from 433,000 in 2010 to 887,000 in 2015, with 1,027,500 expected by the end of 2016.

The growth over this year alone has been 15.8 per cent, almost three times the growth of theme park visits worldwide at 5.4 per cent.

The one millionth visitor, arriving on December 22nd, was showered with confetti, and will receive a lifetime of free entry to the Heineken Experience.

The Heineken Experience attracts visitors from all over the world, with the largest numbers coming from the UK, USA, and Italy.

On record-breaking days, almost five thousand people come through the doors, with significant peaks in July, August, and October.

Dirk Lubbers, managing director, Heineken Experience, explained: “Our mission is to create Heineken ambassadors.

“The building, our brands, but above all our people are key to this success.

“Always delivering beyond expectation, with passion and a hospitality mind-set.”