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Aruba employs kiosks for cruise tourists

Aruba Cruise Tourism (ACT), a non-profit organization of the government of Aruba, selected Diatouch, Inc. to provide the first-ever survey and information kiosks in its cruise terminals.Since the 1950s, Aruba has aspired to be the preferred destination for all respected cruise itineraries. In its new “Welcome Back” campaign, ACT is striving to convert cruise passengers into land-based vacationers.

As part of that effort, ACT chose Diatouch, Inc. a Phoenix-based company specialising in software for touch screen self-service kiosks and kiosk integration, to supply four survey and information kiosks and their application software throughout Aruba’s cruise terminals.

Using proximity sensor technology, the smart kiosks welcome disembarking cruise passengers with Caribbean steel band music and a friendly voice inviting them to retrieve information on Aruba from the kiosks. Guests need not be computer savvy - by simply touching the screen, visitors can explore Aruba’s many wonders.

There are numerous suggestions of how to spend a day in Aruba, including local events, sightseeing suggestions and other tourist information.

Kiosk users can also view a newly released movie highlighting Aruba’s many attractions.


Moreover, the kiosks include Digivey Survey Suite, Diatouch’s versatile kiosk survey software that gathers comments from cruise passengers about their Aruba experience.

For the ACT kiosks, the multilingual survey tool offers six languages to select from and also provides a sign-up form to participate in a drawing for a free stay in Aruba.

With a few clicks of a mouse, the survey administrator can print detailed reports and color charts that provide instant, ready-to-use feedback.

The survey and information kiosks, the first ever in the entire Caribbean region, were installed in December 2005.

Diatouch worked closely with its Aruban distributor, Vision Marketing Services, to custom design and implement the self-service survey and information kiosks.

The interactive kiosks made in Arizona are equipped with 17” SAW touch screen monitors, IBM small form factor PC’s with 2.6 GHz Intel Celeron processors and feature specially treated aluminum enclosures to withstand the demanding seawater environment in Aruba.