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TravelPod promotes citizen journalism

TravelPod Corporation has teamed up with marketer and writer Evelyn Rodriguez to promote awareness of the continuing recovery efforts in the region devastated by the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004.Martin Horne, president of TravelPod Corporation, described the initiative as an important development in travel blogging.

“Travel blogging has always been a kind of highly personal reporting well apart from mainstream media,” said Horne.

“Our sponsorship of the Tsunami Anniversary blog highlights this unique form of communication and, at the same time, acknowledges our members deep concern for the places they travel and the people they meet.”

Evelyn Rodriguez was on the beach on the island of Phi Phi, Thailand when the tsunami struck at 10:15 AM on Boxing Day, 2004.

The experience caused her to re-examine her personal and professional goals and lead her to a new form of citizen journalism focused on tsunami recovery efforts.


Rodriguez describes her writing as a commentary on how the people in the region are rebuilding: emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. “I believe their stories can teach all of us and shed light for anyone confronting with loss in their own lives.”