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High hopes for Bangkok Hilton

The 32-storey Millennium Hilton Bangkok is on schedule for its opening on February 1, 2006 with an ambitious architectural plan that incorporates contemporary western design sensibilities with a ‘touch of traditional Siam’.
Located on the banks of Chao Phraya River in the heart of Bangkok’s original temple precinct, the hotel offers an unusual mix of vistas; up high there’s a 360-degree panorama over the ever changing skyline and snaking klongs, while closer to the river, guest rooms and reception areas offer a box office view over a rag tag of barges and canal boats that ply the waterway.

The 543-room property boasts a fifty-metre wide river frontage. Guests can access the hotel by road, Skytrain, or more culturally befitting for someone visiting the cradle of Bangkok’s civilization, by riverboat.