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Best Cultural Festivals to Book Now, with Inclusive Morocco

Best Cultural Festivals to Book Now, with Inclusive Morocco

While July and August are renowned as the festival months in the UK, the spring season in Morocco is when culture comes alive, with May and June being the best months to visit to experience festivals that incorporate music, art, nature, and celebration all across the country. Morocco’s first LGBTQ+ founded and led luxury travel company, Inclusive Morocco, can design full trips staying at some of the best hotels and incorporating authentic experiences for those wanting to head to Morocco during this celebratory and community-led time.

As a company that is dedicated to inclusivity, sustainability, and showcasing the rich diversity and cultural heritage of Morocco, festival season is a time when Inclusive Morocco can really infuse their trips with experiences that encapsulate what it’s like to be part of the Moroccan community, and demonstrate how locals celebrate their history and heritage together.  Inclusive Morocco can not only organise tickets an attendance at each festival, they will recommend the perfect hotel to pair with, and will enrich the itinerary with additional authentic experiences that go above and beyond the festival parameters.

For nature lovers: Roses’ Festival, Kalaa M’gouna – early May
This nature inspired festival is dedicated to the magic of one of nature’s most beloved flowers, the rose. With millions of blooms growing across the region, the air is filled with the delicate scent, and festival goers come together to tell the story of each blossom, every one of which is so important to life in the Sahara Desert and Atlas Mountains.

Inclusive Morocco recommends sticking with the nature theme and staying at the Eden Boutique Hotel Dades, nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of the Dades Gorges in Morocco. Moroccan-owned, this hotel is a blend of traditional Berber architecture and modern comforts, paying homage to some of the region’s best loved traditions, including hammam and locally crafted furnishing inspired by the rugged beauty of the Atlas Mountains.

After the festival, guests can embark on a captivating hike through Jbel Saghro, with a stop to visit the local Roses’ cooperative, which maintains the traditional methods of rose cultivation to craft exquisite artisan rose products.


Food meets Music: Festival of Sacred World Music, Fez – 24th May – 1st June
Set amidst the ancient walls and labyrinthine alleys of Morocco’s spiritual capital, this festival celebrates the universal language of music, bringing together renowned artists from across the globe. Guests will be transported on a mesmerizing journey of side, from Sufi chants to exhilarating rhythms.

The Palais de Fes Suites & Spa stands within the historic heart of Fez, and is a brother and sister project to honour their father’s legacy as a renowned restauranteur in Fez. Every detail of the palace reflects a passion to preserve tradition, from intricately designed suites to a serene spa, as well as a breath-taking rooftop terrace.

When guests are ready to take a break from the music, a street food tour of Fez can’t be missed, incorporating an array of breads, tangy olives, sweet honey, and traditional soups, to immerse guests in the vibrant flavours of Morocco.

A touch of old glamour: Jazzablanca, Casablanca – 6th – 8th June
This annual festival in the vibrant city of Casablanca brings together international and local jazz artists to enchant audiences with soulful melodies, improvisation and rhythms. The festival takes place all across the city, from intimate clubs to outdoor stages, making it accessible for jazz lovers from all walks of life.

For the luxury lovers, the Royal Mansour Casablanca is the perfect retreat of sophistication within this bustling metropolis. The hotel combines intricate Moorish design with understated luxury and each suite offers panoramic views of the city skyline or the tranquil ocean.

Casablanca is home to some of the most renowned examples of Art Deco architecture in the country. An Art Deco tour will include the majestic Cinema Rialto, iconic Hotel Excelsior, and will unravel the secrets of the city’s Art Deco treasures.

Ancient & regal history: Mawazine Festival, Rabat – 21st – 29th June
Morocco’s largest festival is set to light up the streets of Rabat this year after a four year hiatus.  As music fills the air, festival-goers are given the opportunity to experience the best of culture, art and entertainment during this week-long celebration of Rabat’s culture and history.

The return of the Mawazine festival coincides with the grand opening of some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, including the Zaha Hadid-designed Grand Theatre of Rabat, the soaring Mohamed VI Tower, and the new Four Seasons Rabat, Inclusive Morocco’s top pick for accommodation in the city. The new hotel is a testament to the grandeur of Morocco’s regal past, resting on the grounds of a centuries-old palace, with every corner whispering stories of the royal lineage that once graced its halls. With intricate tile work and ornate archways, the hotel design transports guests back to a time of opulence and elegance.

History lovers won’t want to miss a private visit to the ancient ruins of Chellah, once a thriving Roman settlement that blends Roman, Islamic, and Moroccan architectural styles.  The site hosts intricate mosaics, ornate tombs, and serene fountains, that serve as a glimpse into Rabat’s rich past.

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