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Around the World in twenty-two days with Four Seasons

Around the World in twenty-two days with Four Seasons

Not content with mastering the art of luxury hospitality on the ground, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is partnering with TCS & Starquest Expeditions to create the ultimate globe-trotting adventure: Around the World by Private Jet.

Departing from Los Angeles on October 29, 2012, the specially-outfitted Boeing 757 will take seventy-eight guests on an epic 22-day adventure to Hawaii, French Polynesia, Australia, Bali, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Egypt and the UK.

Travellers will enjoy the ultimate jet-setter experience from their first check-in to their final disembarkation, with thoughtful service and opportunities for customisation every step of the way. The in-flight experience, provided by TCS & Starquest Expeditions, includes a one to five crew-to-traveller ratio and two-by-two VIP-style seating as well as expedited customs and immigration formalities wherever possible. On the ground, accommodations will be provided exclusively by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, as well as most of the dining experiences.

The in-flight crew features a Four Seasons concierge who will extend the company’s service standards in the air. By serving as the primary liaison with Four Seasons colleagues on the ground, the concierge provides insider destination knowledge prior to landing and effortlessly arranges private tours, spa treatments, tee-times, and more during any point of the trip. On-board experts – including renowned art historian and author of Encyclopedia of Far Eastern Art Charles Doherty, noted cuisine historian and recipient of the Julia Child/Jane Grigson Prize of the International Association of Culinary Professionals Rachel Laudan, and Associate and former Senior Research Fellow at Harvard University currently exploring the role of global deregulation in the current financial crisis John P. (Sean) Flannery – are set to provide illuminating in-flight insighst designed to immerse travellers in the delights and intricacies of each upcoming destination.

On-the-ground itineraries showcase the best local sights and specialties, while remaining flexible enough to accommodate personalised excursions and adventures. From the glitzy Hollywood welcome in Los Angeles to the farewell gala dinner overlooking London’s Hyde Park, guests can expect more than three weeks of extraordinary experiences. Highlights include: two of the world’s most active volcanoes in Hawai’i, the vibrant coral gardens of the South Pacific, Sydney’s iconic buildings and scenic gorges, the mystical allure of Ayers Rock, Bali’s Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) and Yeh Pulu temples, Thai cooking classes in Chiang Mai, Agra’s Taj Mahal, Mumbai’s Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum, and a private, lantern-lit dinner amid the pyramids of Gîza.


Along the way, Four Seasons and its partner TCS & Starquest Expeditions will open doors and give insider’s access to each stop on the itinerary, including tailored dining experiences, behind-the-scenes tours and off-the-beaten-track wonders to maximise the enjoyment of each legendary destination and create a customised trip that can not be duplicated. The result is the experience of a lifetime, not to mention membership in an exclusive club of intrepid wanderlusts that have circumnavigated the globe.

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