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Accor Thalassa, the Group’s well-being brand, is renamed Thalassa sea & spa

Accor Thalassa, the Group’s well-being brand, is renamed Thalassa sea & spa

The new identity highlights the brand’s expertise and offers a new thalassotherapy experience that combines in-depth revitalization of the body and the distinctive instantaneous sensorial escapism of the spa setting. 

To illustrate this change, the brand’s motto has also evolved into “Thalassa sea & spa, there are journeys your body never forgets.”  The new brand identity will be deployed from the end of January 2010.

Thalassa sea & spa has been the world leader in the well-being sector for over 25 years, with thalassotherapy as its core business.  It has unique know-how in the benefits of seawater and firmly believes that seawater is a never-ending source of vitality for the body and also fosters harmony between body and mind.

The brand’s convictions:
- The body is a precious resource that must be preserved and looked after.
- Seawater contains all the oligo elements and minerals that are indispensible to the body.
- Seawater treatments are deeply and lastingly regenerating.

Today, Thalassa sea & spa draws on these convictions, on the professionalism of its teams (masseurs, physiotherapists, doctors, hydrotherapists, beauticians, sports coaches, etc.) and on products that are the fruit of scientific research to offer the best of both worlds: the sea, whose benefits represent a never-ending source of vitality, and the spa, which is synonymous with pleasure and relaxation.
In locations of exceptional natural beauty, Thalassa sea & spa offers a wide choice of top quality hotel stays that combine treatments, physical activity, sport and balanced nutrition during which the body relaxes and the mind escapes …


16 locations where you can relax and look after your body
Thalassa sea & spa has 16 sites located on coasts in France and abroad where guests can look after their bodies, boost their health and take a wonderfully peaceful break dedicated entirely to their own well-being.
Two new Thalassa sea & spa sites will open in 2010 in Agadir in Morocco and in Bahrain. In addition, the brand’s emblematic Quiberon site will be renovated in 2011.