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A rendezvous with adventurous face of modern India

A rendezvous with adventurous face of modern India

India offers numerous options for breathtaking adventure holiday destination where you can enjoy activities like mountaineering, camping, trekking and rock climbing on various mountain ranges, in India to the fullest. Adventure tours in India are fast emerging as one of the favorite touring options. These touring options have managed to capture the hearts of numerous global vacationers of all ages and physical caliber.

A buzzword in today’s modern India, Adventure is tourism, involving exploration or travel to remote or exotic areas, where the traveler should “expect the unexpected”. If adventure is what one lives for then one should go on adventures tours in India and enjoy the holiday of a lifetime. It is known that India has been an age-old destination that has
managed to allure the attention of vacationers for time immemorial. Simultaneously, scope of adventure as well as leisure tourism in India too has attained a broad frame and achieved a noteworthy status. This has been possible owing to the geographical features here, as in for Himalayas and other mountainous terrains in Sikkim, Garhwal and Himachal; standing tall is a best option to challenge heights and one’s limit in peak climbing.

The climbing destinations in India are abundant with Skyscraping Mountains, steep valleys and scenic beauty to look for. Be it the Kanchenjanga in Sikkim, Trans Himalayan regions or lofty terrains in Himachal and Ladakh, India has it all to give you a real adrenaline rush. Below mentioned are some of the highlights of India, where adventure has a “real meaning”.

The Real Essence of Adventure Felt In the Lap of Trans Himalayan Region

The snow-covered mountains, lavish pastures, lakes and impassable woods in the hills of Garhwal make for a captivating adventure trip. Huge mountainous terrains and steep valley all clad in the beauty of rhododendron flowers offers a fantastic opportunity to adventure junkies, primarily peak climbers.


Discover True Fun While Climbing Heights in Ladakh

Inhabiting an area of some 90,000 sq. km at altitudes of 2,750 to 6,670 m, Ladakh in northern India is situated between the Western Himalayas and Tibet. Sky-touching mountains and high passes offer some real fun and essence of adventure while climbers scale heights.

The Fascinating Peak Climbing Experience in Himachal

Himachal Pradesh is copious with peaks and high mountainous terrains that are true treat for adventure lovers. Boasting a major tourist attraction, Manali and area surrounding Manali forms the core of mountaineering in Himachal. Some of the other areas that are abundant with terrains are Beas Kund region, lower reaches of the Hanuman Tibba (5930 m), Shitidhar peaks around the source of river Beas and Deo Tibba (6001 m) in Kullu.

Kanchenjanga- a dream come true for Adventure Enthusiasts

Kanchenjanga is not a single summit but a mountain massif consisting of five summits with several satellite peaks and glaciers. Climbing the mesmerizing heights and facing the harsh weather simultaneously can be challenging as well as full of adventure for the adrenaline junkies flocking to Sikkim. Kabru, Kirat Chulior Tent Peak (7,365 mts) and Sinolchu (6,887 mts) are some of the other mountains where climbing is allowed and is a real fun.