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FCm India turns airline itinerary Into powerful travel agent tool

FCm India turns airline itinerary Into powerful travel agent tool

The software developer will provide FCm India with graphics-rich e-mail airline tickets and itineraries that leverage the Internet to make agents a one-stop resource for all things travel.

With 1100 employees, FCm India is ranked among the country’s top corporate travel providers. The company will use truvle technology in each of its 22 offices nationwide, including New
Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore.

“We’re delighted to welcome FCm India to the truvle family,” says Alon Zaibert, founder and chief executive at truvle Ltd. “The company is recognized as an industry leader in India and internationally for its huge business volume, technological innovations and strong service culture.”

Free Software Provides Expedia-Like Services
“FCm India’s new e-docs let agents provide Expedia-like services and compete successfully in the booming online travel business,” Zaibert explains.

The software is free to partners and requires no additional training, according to Zaibert. truvle will be integrated into FCm India’s existing booking systems, enabling agents to continue to book domestic and international flights as usual. Working with multiple GDS systems, truvle automatically picks up the passenger’s profile, including destination, travel dates, flight class and other criteria. Then it tailors information to fit the profile.


“Our upgraded e-itineraries display the FCm India logo and also have a special section where agents can insert their contact information and personalized remarks to clients,” says Pranjal Saikia, vice president, FCm, Northeast and South India. “The software wraps our e-docs in truvle’s bright, contemporary design with value-added content. The result is a handsome e-ticket and itinerary with customized information about the destination and timely offers pertinent to the trip.”

Customized for Travelers On The Go
Customization is at truvle’s heart. Passengers can get their own, complimentary Personal Home Page with sections devoted to Dining, Shopping, Family Travel, Entertainment, Events and other offerings.

No longer will travelers have to visit multiple sites to plan their trips. They won’t have to search for currency exchange rates or airport information either. truvle’s pioneering e-tickets and itineraries provide instant access to the full gamut of travel information – family attractions, shows, sporting events, hotels, tours, nightlife and more. Information is updated continually and tailored to each passenger’s destination, flight class and travel dates. Also easing travel are e-maps, news, weather updates, airport information and photos.

Using truvle-enhanced e-docs, sports fans can keep up with the latest scores. Fashionistas can find the nearest boutiques, foodies can make restaurant reservations, and music lovers can buy concert tickets – quickly and easily from their e-itineraries.
Some truvle features are especially handy for travelers on the go. On FCm e-docs, for example, airline check-in links and easy integration into Microsoft Outlook let passengers check in for flights with participating airlines and view trip details on their laptops and mobile devices.

Extra Income With New Media truvle creates a new advertising medium that’s targeted and unique. Other companies can advertise on the e-doc banners. The software matches ads with potential customers, and FCm India splits the advertising revenue with truvle.

“It’s an all-around win,” Saikia explains. “Advertisers get a new way to reach a huge but targeted audience, while we gain an additional income stream. Travelers, in turn, enjoy greatly enhanced services in the form of our attractive, new e-docs with rich, interactive content.”

“So far, most of our partners are based in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East,” Zaibert concludes. “But in the coming year, our North American presence will grow significantly, as we establish partnerships with major travel providers throughout the U.S. and Canada.”