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Furore in full glory

Furore in full glory

Surrounded by olive groves and vineyards and overlooking the Mediterranean, Furore Inn Resort is a paradise hideaway steeped in the romance of ancient Italy

What’s the difference between a great hotel and an iconic hotel? This is the eternal question of luxury hospitality.

It might be said that there is no overriding ingredient, rather a series of factors that blend seamlessly to create more than just a stay but an ever-lasting experience.

At Italy’s Furore Inn Resort & Spa that quest to dissect every aspect of the customer experience has turned it into one of the world’s most romantic boutique hotels, and a place that leaves an indelible mark on those that stay.

(The classic Mediterranean gardens of Furore Inn Resort & Spa)

From the warmth of the welcome to the gourmet cuisine, general manager Alfonso Imperato sets about with an almost evangelical manner to provide his guests with an experience they will never forget.

But perhaps the most overwhelming feature is its setting. Built into a cliff side that plunges down from the peaks of the Monti Lattari, the Furore affords thousand-mile views across the sparkling waters of the Med and the island of Capri. Even the most diehard of cynic will be bowled over by the romance of this otherworldly atmosphere.

The tiny fishing hamlet of Furore echoes the Italy of old – a timeless world of ancient lemon groves and vineyards, where the soothing silence of nature is only broken by the sound of church bells.

(Views to die for - the infinity pool, Furore Inn)

The land here is so steep that the hotel, like all original houses in the hamlet, has been built in terrace into the side of the mountain. This also means that everything is in reverse – the car park and entrance are on the top floor, you take a lift down to reception, then the bedrooms set out in terraces below that.

Reflecting the sun and sea, the rooms and suites are decorated in pristine white and shades of blue, each with a private terrace and stunning sea views. With nothing but the gentle breeze and the sound of the sea to disturb you, there is a real sense of peace and tranquillity.

(State-of-the-art spa facilities)

The Furore’s crowing glory is La Volpe Pescatrice – its gourmet restaurant with an outdoor terrace from where you can gaze in awe at the changing colours of the Med, whilst tucking into some of the finest food you will find anywhere in Italy.

(The good life - an integral part of the Furore experience)

The mornings are particularly special, and as you catch the sun rise you feel like you’re the only person in the world. It’s no surprise that over the centuries, numerous European artists have called Furore and the surrounding villages home. It is almost like an open air museum with its own ghosts who range from Ullisses and the Saracens to Magnani and Rossellini.

Furore – a perfect base for discovery

Furore also serves as an ideal base to explore this remarkable area. The historic towns of Amalfi, Positano, Ravello and the whole Amalfi coast are only a few kilometres away by car.

(A stone’s throw from Furore - the artists’ enclave of Ravello)

Perched high in the hills above Amalfi, the town is Ravello is perhaps the jewel of the coastline. Wagner, DH Lawrence and Virginia Wolf all sought artistic inspiration by living here, whilst today the lush gardens and breathtaking views are the best in the world, according to former resident Gore Vidal.

Or from Furore, head up to the mountain. Once you brave a few nerve-tingling hairpin turns up to the mountain pass, there’s a dramatic change in scenery from lush sub-tropical to temperate alpine. From here it’s about an hour to the biggest tourist draw of the region – Pompeii, Europe’s most compelling archaeological site. It’s also worth spending a day climbing to Vesuvius.

Furore Inn Resort & Spa

Piazza Sant’Elia, Via dell’Amore
84010 Furore, Salerno, Campania, Italy