Tyrrells partners with Virgin’s ‘Little Red’ to launch plane crisps

Tyrrells partners with Virgin’s ‘Little Red’ to launch plane crisps

Tyrrells, the premium English crisp brand, is taking to the skies with the arrival of its new ‘Plane Crisps’.  Tyrrells have teamed up with Virgin Atlantic to create a bespoke ‘Little Red’ pack to enjoy on-board Virgin’s new Little Red domestic routes. Unique to Virgin, the specially created miniature packs will be handed out to all passengers on the new domestic flight routes, set for lift-off from 31st March.

At just 15g the new ‘Plane Crisps’ will be the smallest pack currently produced by Tyrrells.  Working closely with the Virgin team to meet on-board consumption and stowage requirements, the crisps have been hand cooked from carefully graded smaller potatoes to make them the world’s daintiest and tastiest crisps. Tyrrells source all their potatoes from neighboring Herefordshire fields, using only the finest potatoes from varieties such as Lady Jo, Lady Claire and Lady Rosetta.

The new Plane Crisp pack has been designed in keeping with the brand’s usual joie de vivre, taking aviation as the theme and embracing both the Tyrrells and Virgin Atlantic distinctive brand characteristics: the iconic Virgin red as the pack colour combined with a signature Tyrrells black and white photo of a pilot with his trusty four legged flying friend.

Oliver Rudgard, Marketing Director of Tyrrells Crisps says, “This is a terrific collaboration for Tyrrells and we are thrilled to be partnering with Virgin on the launch of Little Red.  The challenge for us was to come up with a product that really works at 35,000 feet.  That’s why we carefully selected miniature potatoes and then tested their flavour on a Virgin Atlantic flight to make sure that we had the cutest and tastiest crisps possible.”

Virgin Atlantic Customer Experience Director, Reuben Arnold, said:
“We are delighted to be working with Tyrrells as part of our on board offering for Virgin Atlantic Little Red domestic flights. The two brands are a perfect fit, great British brands admired for their flair and the quality of their product. Virgin Atlantic is passionate about supplying the very best product and service on our flights, and we are confident that Little Red’s passengers will love these bespoke Plane Crisps made from tasty miniature potatoes.”


The Tyrrells Plane Crisps will be showcased on board the inaugural flight from London to Edinburgh on April 8th.