Hertz rolls out redesigned locations around the world

Hertz rolls out redesigned locations around the world

Travellers looking for a unique car rental experience in popular US and European destinations will have plenty of choice this year as the world’s largest general-use car rental brand rolls out hundreds of redesigned locations.

Hertz, which is now in the middle of a world-wide rebranding exercise to help drive growth, has fully remodelled several flagship locations featuring a high tech makeover and many conveniences to create an unparalleled experience for customers. 

Hertz has also updated the format of 400 international locations in the last two years, all with value-added features ideally suited to the modern life of today’s car rental customer.

Customers visiting the US will be some of the first to experience the new flagship locations, including those in San Diego, and Newark, with each showcasing a Hertz Dream Car such as the Ferrari California or Porsche 911. 

Several European flagships are also being launched in key arrival cities such as Frankfurt Airport, downtown Paris and downtown London.

A popular summer destination for customers is central London, where Hertz introduced its completely redesigned flagship Marble Arch location toward the end of last year.

On entry to the new-look branch customers are greeted by an open plan showroom featuring a concierge-style service, the Hertz Supercar display, free internet access and the option to use self-service kiosks which connect to an agent by video.

“We began our rebranding exercise in the USA which is the most popular destination for Hertz customers, closely followed by Europe,” said Elyes Mrad, vice president of sales and marketing for Hertz International.

“In 2013 the volume of Hertz bookings from the Middle East to both of these destinations grew significantly.”

Hertz has been fully transforming flagship locations as well as updating other facilities across the world in an effort to streamline the rental experience. 

To date more than 400 Hertz locations have been updated around the globe, with over 200 renewed so far in Europe, Australia, Asia and the United States.

Employees are being issued new modern uniforms as part of the makeover.