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Hertz confirms Ufodrive electric vehicle partnership

Hertz confirms Ufodrive electric vehicle partnership

Hertz has confirmed an investment in Ufodrive, a self-service electric vehicle rental company and eMobility service provider in Europe. 

The company claims to be the first all-digital, all-electric car rental service controlled from an app.

Its eMobility SaaS platform makes transitioning to electric easy for both customers and fleet providers – delivering lean operations, lower energy costs, better charging and optimal fleet utilisation using advanced AI tools.

The partnership builds on an announcement in October that the company is investing in electric vehicles – with a commitment to offer the largest electric vehicle rental fleet in North America and to grow its fleet globally.

Hertz also committed to providing the best rental and recharging experience for leisure and business customers around the world.


“Our partnership with Ufodrive is yet another major step in Hertz becoming an essential component of the modern mobility ecosystem,” said Mark Fields, Hertz interim chief executive.

“Together, we will pilot ways to make renting an EV even easier using UFODRIVE’s digital platforms for both the rental experience and fleet management.

“For customers, this partnership will help us create the future rental car experience that is all-digital and electric vehicle-centric.”

Following successful live testing in 2021, Hertz aims to deploy Ufodrive’s digital rental and fleet management technology to enhance its global electric vehicle fleet operations.