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Expertflyer goes “one-on-one” with captain Karen Kahn

Expertflyer goes “one-on-one” with captain Karen Kahn, the premier air travel information tool offering complete and efficient ways to access the ever changing details of worldwide air travel information, recently talked with Captain Karen Kahn, one of the airline industry’s most senior female pilots, as part of its One-on-One blog series.  Captain Kahn shares her unique perspective from the cockpit, shares some of her strategies for keeping on schedule and passengers informed.  She is also quick to remind us that in addition to her piloting the Boeing 757 for a major US airline, she also flies more than 2500 miles per week as a passenger, so she speaks from “both sides of the cockpit door.”

Each month, ExpertFlyer’s One-on-One blog goes face-to-face with some of the travel industry’s leading decision makers, influencers and in the case of Captain Kahn, interviews with people who go where man—or woman—has rarely gone.

“How often have we wondered what might be going on in the cockpit during a flight delay, or sudden turbulence and their thoughts about these, and other issues in flight or on the ground?” questions Chris Lopinto, president and co-founder of  “Captain Karen Kahn offers a unique perspective about air travel and explains how she keeps her passengers informed and tries to make up time her own unique way.  As one of the most senior female legacy pilots still flying, Captain Kahn has certainly ‘seen it all’ and shares some of the experiences with us.

“As a pilot, I know firsthand that information is a powerful asset, especially in the travel industry,” explains Captain Kahn.  “Part of my job is sharing that information with my passengers and to keep them informed and look for ways to keep things on schedule.  ExpertFlyer provides information that is sometimes privileged and while the information may not put their customers in the pilot’s seat, it certainly places them in the driver’s seat.”

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In the coming months, ExpertFlyer will sit down with more industry insiders and executives who shape the travel industry to discuss changes in travel policies, new travel programs, innovative technologies and other topics important to travelers.