Eurostar unveils new ad campaign

Eurostar unveils new ad campaign

Eurostar has launched a new TV advertising campaign which will showcase the quirky, vibrant and humorous sides of Paris and London and the different experiences travellers can enjoy when they visit these cities.

Titled ‘Maybe’, the campaign features two separate adverts, one of which focuses on Paris, which will air in the UK, and one that focuses on London for the French and Belgian markets.

Each of the adverts has a similar look and feel and shows an unexpected side of the cities through striking and witty imagery and footage of real people and places.

Both adverts close with the line ‘stories are waiting’, and invite to people to take their own Eurostar journey and create their own stories and memories.

The director, Simon Ratigan, acted as a “conductor”, sending photographers and cameramen out onto the streets of Paris and London to capture real life people and events in unusual and interesting locations, as the team set about capturing any scene that caught their attention.

A mix of media has been planned by Arena, to showcase the creative to its best effect.

The ‘Maybe’ campaign will be amplified through Eurostar’s own advertising platforms, social media channels, customer emails and onboard customer magazine, Metropolitan.

Traditional platforms such as TV and cinema will run alongside engaging interactive ad units on VOD platforms, allowing users to find out more about the unexpected side of Paris.

Lionel Benbassat, director of marketing, brand, Eurostar, said: “Paris and London are two of the most loved cities in the world, and through this campaign we want to remind people about the amazing experiences people can have when they travel to these vibrant cities.

“Travel opens up a world of possibilities through meeting people, discovering places and sharing new experiences, and we hope that these adverts will inspire people to book their next trip and bring back amazing stories.”

The London version of the advert will launch on TV on October 21st and on October 23rd in French cinemas.