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Eurostar to stop direct trains between London and Disneyland Paris

For many Brits, hopping on the Eurostar on the way to Disneyland Paris will be a treasured family memory, but from next year the international rail service will no longer run direct trains to the popular tourist destination.
Travel agents have been told the company, which operates high-speed railway between the UK, France and across Europe, will close the direct route from London to Disneyland’s European venue from 5 June.

“As the business continues to recover from the pandemic, we need to focus on our core routes to allow us to stabilise our operation and customer experience,” Eurostar said.

“Whilst we have seen travel demand return this year, we have financial commitments as a result of the pandemic which we will continue to face for a number of years.”

The company went on to add that it is “monitoring developments in the EU’s proposed Entry Exit System” and they want to focus on delivering a reliable service whilst maintaining routes to Disneyland via Lille and Paris.

Despite the Eurostar-Thalys merger earlier this year, which saw dozens more holiday spots open up to those travelling via the service, it would seem one of the most frequented journeys made by those jumping on the Eurostar from the UK will be coming to an end after 27 years.


The London to Disneyland Paris connection has been running since 1996, just two years after the European rail network was launched and has recently come under new leadership after Gwendoline Cazenave was announced as the new boss earlier this week. She will take charge of the company from October 1.