Eurostar appoints Ink to publish its new monthly onboard magazine

Eurostar appoints Ink to publish its new monthly onboard magazine

Eurostar, the high-speed passenger service which links the UK and the continent, has appointed Ink to launch a new monthly onboard magazine. The first issue will be available to all Eurostar travellers from May 2010.

“We awarded Ink the contract due to their creative and commercial response to our needs for designing and publishing an engaging and high quality tri-lingual publication. Equally, Ink’s commitment to minimise the environmental impact of the publication was impressive,” said Nick Mercer, Eurostar’s Commercial Director.


“The magazine will go further than London, Paris, Brussels and Lille, by covering the entire Eurostar network. It will be a thought-provoking general interest and lifestyle publication that will bring to life all aspects of Eurostar’s destinations. It will not be listings-led, but will go under the skin of Eurostar cities, highlighting issues, opinions and often unheard voices. Expect a newsstand quality publication, with occasional guest editors, well-known columnists and expert writers. We will also champion established as well as up and coming illustrators and photographers,” said Michael Keating, Ink Executive Creative Director.



Under its Tread Lightly environmental plan launched in 2007, Eurostar aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions per traveller journey by 35 percent by 2012. Eurostar has already achieved a 31 percent cut in journey emissions due largely to switching to lower carbon sources of electricity along its routes, and without using offsetting in order to achieve its target.


“We are delighted to be launching an onboard magazine for Europe’s best-known high-speed rail service. I look forward to working with the Eurostar team to deliver an excellent publication that informs and entertains customers, as well as raising awareness of the company’s commitment to carbon neutrality and environmental issues generally,” said Jeffrey O’Rourke, Ink Chief Executive.