Easter booking bonanza for UK English tourism

Easter booking bonanza for UK English tourism

Some 2.7 million Brits - six per cent per cent of the adult population - plan to make the most of the Easter Bank Holiday weekend by taking at least one overnight holiday trip in the UK, according to figures from VisitEngland.

Of these 2.5 million people - five per cent – are planning to take that trip in England, according to the latest Trip Tracker survey from the tourism body.

This is likely to generate some £600 million in tourism spend for the UK economy, around £543 million of which will be spent in England.

A further 4.9 million Brits (ten per cent) are currently undecided about whether to take an overnight trip over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Of this group, two million people (40 per cent) are waiting to see what the weather is like before making a decision.

The national tourist board also revealed that 5.9 million Brits (12 per cent) have already made plans for day trips in England, with another 14.3 million (29 per cent) saying they might get out and about over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Events are taking place up and down the country to mark the Easter weekend, such as York’s Chocolate Festival and the Trereife Easter Food Fair in Cornwall.