Toshiba Champions Mobile Working for UK Commuters

Research published today by the RAC Foundation
revealed British commuters
have the longest journeys to work in Europe. 
The average trip takes 45
minutes which indicates a weekly total of 7.5 hours spent commuting.
Furthermore seven out of ten people outside London travel to work by car
and only 11% use public transport, which has implications for both the
welfare of commuters as well as the environment.  Combined with the longest
working hours the UK almost certainly has the most stressed out workforce
in Europe.  Indeed, according to the Health & Safety Executive, British
industry loses £370m every year due to stress-related sick leave.

Mobile working is the key to reducing commuting time, long working hours
and tackling the associated problems of stress related illness and its
impact on the bottom line.  It is a fact that employees with a greater
work-life balance are both happier and more productive.  The focus is now
on employers to equip staff with the tools for mobile working. 
offer business notebooks from only £499 (ex VAT) making the cost benefit
analysis overwhelmingly positive, and employers will almost certainly find
this investment adding real value to the bottom line.  Commuting time and
travel costs will be decreased for employees, and in turn businesses will
benefit from increased productivity and staff retention.

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