Selects Maporama to Guide Customers

Maporama, the leading provider of online location-centric applications, today announced that it has been chosen by Accor, a worldwide leader in hotels and services, to provide the online hotel locator for the Accor Hotels` reservation website -

The new agreement enables Internet users to localize, via an easy-to-use interface, all Accor hotels for a destination of choice. Users simply key-in an address and Maporama provides, in a single click, a detailed street level map indicating all nearby Accor hotels. Alternatively, users can also start a search by selecting a category of points of interest or landmarks (airports, historical monuments, amusement parks?) or by entering a keyword for example - such as “Eiffel Tower”. The result is an extensive list of localized hotels containing their name and street address.

Once identifying their hotel of choice, Internet users can then opt to reserve a room online, generate a detailed turn-by-turn itinerary, or visit their desired hotel`s online presentation. All maps and itineraries provided by Maporama can easily be printed in a printer-friendly format and so the traveller can make use of the printouts whilst on the move.

Accor`s customers also benefit from the ability to plan their trip by generating a detailed itinerary between two addresses of choice. Once again, in a single click, Maporama provides a detailed road book accompanied by a list of Accor hotels near to a selected destination. Each step in the resulting itinerary is enhanced with an accompanying direct link to a listing of nearby Accor hotels. This feature is available for all of Europe and North America.

“Maporama is proud to announce Accor Hotels as a new customer,” said Laurent Vermot-Gauchy, Maporama CEO & President. “The hotel locator facility we have integrated into implements Maporama`s most advanced technologies, providing an exceptional user experience and is an excellent demonstration of the tremendous added value that Maporama`s know-how brings to customers.”