SITA Wins BestTransport Application Award for C-Travel

SITA is delighted to have been awarded the Sesames award for Best Transportation Application at the Paris CARTES and IT Security 2002 Conference for its c-Travel initiative.
SITA’s c-Travel aims to provide business travelers with a portfolio of services based on the new EMV standard for smart cards promoted by the world’s leading credit card companies.  SITA, having worked closely with its partners Cartes Bancaires, SAGEM and Actalis, is pleased that c-travel, the solution to accommodate the needs of the corporate traveler through the web, has been given such a high accolade by the international smart card industry.

“At SITA we believe in the need for easing the business traveler’s burden of managing travel expenses through the use of secure IT solutions, benefiting from the new smart card capabilities.” said Charles De Couessin, who heads up Industry Development at SITA.

“c-Travel provides the business traveler with an end-to end solution to accommodate nearly all his/her travel arrangements and requirements through the Internet or cellular phones. c-Travel enables the traveler to change travel arrangements while on the move, whilst still maintaining the required level of security and reliability. Receiving the award for Best Transport Application gives c-Travel the credibility and recognition it deserves and we are delighted that we can begin to set industry standards.”

As a part of the Paris CARTES and IT Security conferences, the SESAMES Awards have grown into a global reference for card manufacturers and related industries. The competition is open to CARTES and IT SECURITY trade show exhibitors from all over the world, as well as to those involved in the industry internationally: manufacturers, users, integrators and developers.

The SESAMES Awards are granted by a panel of independent judges made up of international specialists in smart card technologies: journalists, industry professionals and manufacturing experts.