InnLink & GuestHouse International Technology Union


, L.L.C., and GuestHouse International

Franchise Systems are pleased to announce the marriage of 72 lodging properties of GuestHouse International Franchise Systems, Inc. with InnLink`s complete array of GDS, Internet, and Private Label Voice Reservations Services.


According to Kenna Balch, Vice President of Marketing, GuestHouse International Franchise Systems, “We feel that InnLink and GuestHouse International have just entered into a perfect union of hospitality and technology - hospitality from the quality of service that a guest receives at a GuestHouse International property and state-of-the-art reservation technology available through InnLink.
To celebrate this union, we selected a theme that celebrated the occasion. We hand delivered printed invitations (complete with white ribbons!) to each InnLink Reservation Sales Agent on the morning of cutover inviting them to join us in a celebration of the perfect union at an afternoon reception complete with a tiered wedding cake and a champagne fountain. Prior to the cake cutting symbolizing our new oneness, we raised our glasses in a toast to our new relationship.” Kenna adds, “We expect great things from this relationship, and look forward to a very happy union.”


“The transition of the 72 GuestHouse International Franchise System hotel properties from their previous vendor began two months ago, and culminated in a very smooth conversion to InnLink`s primary reservation service lines,” says Mike Young, president of InnLink. “Moving GuestHouse to InnLink`s services involved the coordination and cooperation of the GuestHouse Franchise Systems` marketing team and our experienced InnLink staff. Their reservation processing didn`t miss a beat in the process. Over the past year, InnLink has activated several hundred hotel properties to its services, and we`re very happy to include GuestHouse International within our group.”

InnLink and GuestHouse International Franchise Systems are both subsidiary companies of ShoLodge, Inc.
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