United`s EasyUpdate Product

United Airlines (NYSE:UAL) today announced the introduction of an Automated Schedule Change Notification feature to its industry-leading EasyUpdate product. The feature is part of the EasyUpdate communication platform and allows United to communicate fast and effectively with its customers affected by schedule changes.
“Automated Schedule Change enables United to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction,” said Chris Bowers, Senior Vice President - Sales and Reservations. “This unique solution enables our customers to receive timely schedule change notifications. It is a time-saver that provides full itinerary details to customers who have been rebooked, avoiding the need for a call back to United’s call centers.
All customers booking directly with United or united.com receive this service. There is no sign-up required. When customers make reservations, they will be requested to provide their preferred choice for how they want their schedule change message to be delivered. With this new service, customers can receive a phone call at home, on their cell phone or a message on their fax.
“This service can track call completions and is capable of multiple call attempts to customers,” adds Bowers. “This allows United to significantly reduce the time required to complete call outs to customers and, as a result, United’s reservations agents can focus on customer service.
The enhanced service continues to maintain United’sÊEasyUpdate as the industry’s leading notification service.

United operates nearly 1,700 flights a day on a route network that spans the globe. News releases and other information about United may be found at the company’s website at www.united.comÊ