THAI Announces Results Of Board Meeting

Today (19 October 2000), Thai Airways International Public Company Limited held a Board of Directors’ Meeting, chaired by Mr. Mahidol Chantrangkurn, THAI’s Chairman, with the following results:

1. Aircrews System Project
The Board of Directors approved and authorized an investment of 321.92 million baht for the installation and operation of AIRCREWS system of the Sabre Group Company. From the questionnaire distributed among THAI cabin crew to obtain their feedback and opinion on utilization of the AIRCREWS system to manage their daily operations and schedules, 93.02 per cent agreed to the use of this system.

2. The Selection of Aviation Consultant

The Board of Directors agreed to the appointment of Roland Berger & Partner GmbH as THAI aviation consultant under THAI’s privatization plan. The Roland Berger & Partner GmbH Company offered lower consultant fees in comparison to other companies. The Roland Berger & Partner GmbH Company also provided a complete list of responsibilities in accordance with the Terms of Reference (TOR).

3. Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting for 2000


The Board of Directors approved the date of the Annual General Shareholders Meeting for 2000 on Thursday, December 14, 2000, at 13:30 hours, the Auditorium, THAI’s Head Office, on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road. The company will close its share register book for the right to attend the meeting on Monday, November 27, 2000, at 12:00 hours up until the completion of the meeting.

4. Payment for THAI’s 5th and 6th Boeing 777-300

The Board of Directors approved the lease financing of THAI’s 5th and 6th Boeing 777-300 by Barclays Bank Plc./Barclays Capital with US EXIM Bank and ECDG as the guarantors. The Finance Ministry will not guarantee the loan. THAI will submit the proposal to the Ministry of Finance for Cabinet approval.

5. Appointment of Activity Relations Committee Members

The Board of Directors approved the appointment of Miss Jamsri Sukchotirat, President of THAI’s State Enterprise Labor Force, the representative of the Labor Force, as the Director of the Activity Relations Committee, replacing Mr. Pisit Papongpan, with immediate effect. (The Activity Relations Committee plays an important role in bringing management and staff together to discuss various issues concerning labor welfare)

6. Sale of THAI Shares

The Board of Directors passed the resolution that THAI should prepare the document for share distribution within year 2000, following the request made by the Ministry of Finance. The plan is set to work in accordance with the Development Plan of Thai Investment Market 2000-2002 and resolution of the Security and Exchange Commission.