Half of Growth Environmentally Neutral - Aircraft Fulfil Most Stringent Noise Criteria

Lufthansa can report significant success in organising its business operations in a sustainable and environmentally sound manner. 
By deploying extremely fuel-efficient, low-emission and quiet jets the airline has achieved almost half of its growth over the past ten years without causing any additional impact on the environment. In 2001 Lufthansa jets needed an average of only 4.7 litres of fuel to fly one passenger 100 kilometres. Since 1991 fuel efficiency has thus risen by 23.4 per cent. Over the next ten years the airline aims to raise this figure to 38 per cent. 

There has also been a sharp drop in aircraft noise emissions. Today all the aircraft in the Lufthansa fleet comply with the most stringent noise criteria. Moreover, the Group actively supports wide-ranging measures and research projects aimed at further reducing noise levels. In future the Group will continue to invest in extremely low-emission and quiet jets.

The new edition of Lufthansa`s environmental journal Balance contains reports, interviews and features on a wide range of topics connected with air traffic, the environment and sustainability. Social issues are also discussed, for example in an illustrated feature on the involvement of Lufthansa staff in a project for street children in the Indian city of Bangalore. In addition, a separate insert provides detailed facts and figures on the environmental and social commitment of the individual Group companies.
Lufthansa intends the publication of Balance as a contribution to the current debate on the essentials of sustainable business operations. As an aviation group Lufthansa is fully aware of its corporate responsibility not to lose sight of the social demands arising from its own activities. Moreover, as a global player it is committed to promoting viable and future-oriented air traffic policies that are also environmentally compatible.
The new edition of Balance can be ordered direct from Deutsche Lufthansa AG, “Environment and Sustainability”, Postfach, D - 60202 Frankfurt or on the Internet at www.lufthansa.com (> Group > Balance)