Welcome Welcome to Guyana

Guyana, set in a natural tropical wilderness, is a splendid combination of the Caribbean and South America, with fascinating touches of a sometimes turbulent past. On the northeast corner of the South American continent, Guyana stretches from its 270 mile long Atlantic coastline into dense equatorial forest and the broad Savannah of the Rupununi.
Dominated by mighty rivers which provide essential highways into the rainforest and jungles of the interior, where man has made little impact, Guyana is waiting to be explored.

The picturesque capital and port of Georgetown, with its modern hotels and traditional wooden buildings lining broad boulevards, stands guard over the Demerara River. The striking architecture reminds us of its strong 18th and 19th century Dutch and British history and is a fascinating introduction to the land of Guyana. Don`t miss St. George`s Cathedral, reputed to be the world`s tallest wooden building.

Setting out to explore the natural beauty of the interior by boat, light aircraft or 4 x 4, you encounter the extraordinary natural heritage of Guyana spreading out like a tropical carpet. See jaguar roaming freely in the rainforest and listen to the unearthly cry of howler monkeys echoing through the trees. To discover the beauty of Guyana is to glimpse the flashes of scarlet, yellow and blue as macaws fly like arrows across a clearing in the forest canopy, and toucans and the awesome Harpy Eagle swoop through the trees. These are a few of the more than 700 species of birds that are indigenous to Guyana.

In Guyana, nature has supplied the beauty, man has supplied the means to explore. The natural wonder of the Kaieteur Falls, where the 400 foot wide Potaro River plunges over the Pakaraima Plateau in a stunning 740 foot single drop, is one of the world`s great waterfalls. Discover the 90 mile-long Shell Beach where four species of turtle, including the endangered Oliver Ridley, crawl awkwardly up the beach to to lay their eggs in the warm sands, by the light of the tropical moon. An experience never to be forgotten by the human watcher.