Ryanair and Costa Cruises launch flight-cruise tie-up

Costa Cruises has launched a new partnership with Ryanair to offer cruise holidays to Ryanair passengers through its websitewww.ryanair.com.

Ryanair says 50 of its routes connect with port destinations offered by Costa Cruises in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe.
The partnership will allow Ryanair passengers to book cruise holidays directly via www.ryanair.com and connect to Costa Cruise liners departing from Barcelona, Civitavecchia, Kiel, Marseille, Palermo, Savona and Venice, among others.

Ryanair spokesperson Sinead Finn said: “Ryanair is pleased to team up with Costa Cruises to allow our passengers access to great value cruise holidays at 50 port destinations which are served by Ryanair.  Ryanair and Costa Cruises will reduce the cost of traditionally expensive cruise holidays and bring greater choice to those looking to beat the recession and take advantage of these great value cruise holiday packages.”

Angelo Capurro, Costa Cruises, said: “This agreement enables us to further extend our potential customer base by reaching a type of traveller that regularly uses the web channel, namely professionals aged between 25 and 45.  This strategy is very much in line with our large-scale fleet expansion program, with 5 new ships due to enter service, 3 of which to be delivered over the next twelve months.”