US airlines keen to work on congestion

The Air Transport Association of America has responded to the request for an airline scheduling
meeting with a statement emphasizing the organization’s commitment to working collaboratively.ATA is hoping to work with the U.S Department of Transportation, the Federal Aviation
Administration, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and
other industry stakeholders to address scheduling issues at New York’s
John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and, more broadly, airspace
congestion in the Northeast corridor.

        “ATA member airlines are fully committed to working closely
with all stakeholders to address the challenges associated with the
growing demand for air travel in and out of the New York area,” said ATA
President and CEO James C. May. “In the coming weeks, this will involve
working collaboratively with the DOT, the FAA and the port authority to
improve operational efficiency at the major New York metropolitan


        “To meet the strong demand for air service in the New
York-New Jersey region, it also means accelerating the introduction of
the capacity improvements associated with the New York airspace redesign
program, and other short- and long-term capacity-enhancing solutions
that include both commercial and corporate aviation,” said May. “No one
believes that just posting a ‘No Vacancy’ sign at JFK is the right way