Pilot hopefuls flock to Northwest

Northwest Airlines has announced a strong response to the carrier’s call to
commence pilot hiring.More than 1,400 pilots have applied to join
Northwest, including more than 1,000 applications in the first eight
days after the new recruitment was announced on July 24. The airline’s
move to hire additional pilots is part of a broader effort to improve
flight reliability and return to Northwest’s historically high levels
of customer service.

  “We’re pleased with the quality and number of pilots interested in
joining Northwest Airlines, and we are particularly gratified that 20
percent of the applicants were referred by current Northwest pilots
and other employees,” said Doug Steenland, President and Chief
Executive Officer of Northwest Airlines. “We are making a concerted
effort to expand our operational capacity in order to better serve our
customers. Adding to our pilot roster will be an important step
forward. Overall, the company plans to hire a total of 250-350 new
pilots within the next twelve months.”

  In addition to the carrier’s new-pilot recruitment effort,
Northwest has recalled nearly 400 pilots who had been previously
furloughed. As of August 1, more than 230 of these pilots had rejoined
the ranks of active pilots at the airline. More than 40 additional
pilots will be ready to fly by September 1.

  Last week, Northwest Airlines announced another key move to
increase the Airline’s operational performance and reliability, when
the Air Line Pilots Association ratified an agreement with Northwest
on contract issues and work rules.