LAN Argentina deals with union strike

Since May 14, 2007, Lan Argentina S.A., a subsidiary of LAN Airlines S.A. is experiencing a strike by Argentine labor unions representing pilots and technicians. “Lan Argentina continues discussions with the striking labor unions and is dedicating all of its resources for a prompt resolution to the conflict, which has affected its operations.

Lan Argentina apologizes for the inconveniences that may have been suffered by passengers and has been particularly concerned with transferring passengers to other flights within the LAN alliance and other airlines. Lan Argentina is also providing for rescheduling of flights, refunds and new issuance of airline tickets, while negotiations continue.

Lan Argentina has indicated that it has respected all of its obligations established by all collective bargaining agreements and has been open to communication with the unions.”

The strike has not affected the operations of LAN, Lan Peru or Lan Ecuador, which are operating normally.