FAA Honors American Airlines Maintenance Operation

The Federal Aviation Administration has awarded its prestigious Diamond
Certificate of Excellence for 2003 to nine American Airlines maintenance
stations in the carrier’s Western Division and Western Region.
The nine cities are Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and Santa Ana
(Orange County) in the Western Division and Las Vegas, Phoenix, Reno, San
Diego and Seattle in the Western Region. The division and regional offices
were also awarded the Diamond certificates.

The FAA recognizes airlines and repair facilities for Aircraft Maintenance
Technician (AMT) training completed each calendar year. In order to
receive the Diamond certificate, a minimum of 25 percent of the AMTs at a
station must qualify to receive any one of the FAA’s five levels of awards
in a calendar year, with the Diamond certificate being the highest level.
These individual goals were met or exceeded. The Diamond certificate is
the highest of the five.

In addition to the individual award, the station or facility is recognized
for the percentage of its AMTs trained, so the Western Division and the
Western Region also received certificates.

“This is an important achievement for both American Airlines and the
Maintenance & Engineering Division,” said Bob Reding, senior vice
president- Technical Operations at American. “This outstanding achievement
would never have been possible without the great effort of our front-line
people in both Training and Production.”