Concourse Communications Group Relaunches

Concourse Communications Group
, a leading provider of wireless access systems for airports, has just been re-launched with a major financial restructuring, new headquarters and a new CEO.  According to Concourse Communications CEO Joe Beatty, “In just two months we’ve improved our financial position through eliminating the company’s debt, thereby allowing our cash to be used for expanding the business. We have some exciting new service offerings under development that wouldn’;t have been possible before”.

Concourse Communications currently has contracts to operate wireless systems in the following airports:  LaGuardia, JFK, Newark Liberty, Detroit Wayne County Metropolitan Airport and the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. 

Brian Peters, Asst. Manager, Airline Affairs, Metropolitan Airports Commission
(Minneapolis, MN) says, “Concourse has been an excellent partner, helping to deliver a WiFi data service here at MSP which is experiencing double digit, month-over-month growth. They really understand what’s going on in the marketplace and with the technology. We see these changes at Concourse as positive ones that will make them an even stronger partner for the future”.p>

According to Dick Snyder Sr. VP of Marketing for Concourse Communications, “Our new financial position strengthens our role as a neutral-host operator of wireless systems.  For example, we now plan to offer wireless data services to the public in our clients’ venues”.

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