National Register for British Aromatherapists

The Aromatherapy Organisation Councilå‘s (AOC) National Register is now open to all suitably qualified aromatherapists.

Previously, the register was only available to therapists belonging to AOC-approved associations.
“This signifies the start of a single non-commercial national register and is a step towards statutory regulation,” says AOC President, Carol Preen. “It will provide spa operators with a valuable source for finding therapists and checking qualifications.”

Having already been established for three years, the AOC register has the support of the Aromatherapy Regulation Working Group and the Prince of Wales’ Foundation for Integrated Health.

Formed in 1991, the AOC has worked for over 12 years to unite the UK aromatherapy profession and is the recognised lead body for the aromatherapy profession in the UK. It is composed of aromatherapy associations and a School`s Forum. AOC recognised training establishments are required to accredit their courses through one of the professional associations.