Arabella, Where Elegance Meets Relaxation

Arabella Country Estate and its accompanying Western Cape Hotel and Spa is where land meets water, where relaxation meets luxury and where new benchmarks are set for quality in South Africa’s increasingly competitive hospitality and recreation industry.

The outstanding Peter Matkovich-designed championship golf course has been expertly blended into the natural landscape and makes dramatic aesthetic use of the Kleinmond lagoon, which forms a natural backdrop and hazard on five of the eighteen holes.

Arabella has recently been named in the top ten golf courses in South Africa by Golf Digest magazine, only the second course to achieve this status as early as its second year of existence. The achievement bears testimony to the superb conditioning of the course, the wide variety of shot-making required of the golfer in order to be successful, its ability to treat all levels of golfer fairly, and the way in which natural vegetation and relief has been retained in its design, resulting
in a maturity that belies its tender age.

Contrary to popular belief, however, a visit to Arabella is about far more than golf; it is about a complete experience, ranging from a standard of luxurious accommodation and facilities in the ‘wellness centre’ that are unsurpassed anywhere in South Africa, to an exquisitely catered variety of wining and dining options.

It is impossible to leave the Aquabella Spa and Wellness Centre feeling anything less than thoroughly recharged and revitalized, and it is already gaining a reputation as a primary reason for a visit to Arabella.


Certainly, the non-golfing half of any relationship need not have any concerns about keeping occupied during a visit. With a range of treatments and therapies - from hydrotherapy, glyco-peeling and aromatherapy to the wide-ranging offerings of the Hamam Turkish Bath Centre, and full cardio-vascular gym facilities - from which to choose, a half day, full day or weekend program can be devised and adapted to suit any requirements.

The hotel rooms are superbly appointed, the décor subtly combining first world technology and comforts with a refreshing and wholly appropriate African and coastal theme

As with the accommodation, attention to detail is vividly apparent in the dining experiences on offer. Premiere, the hotel’s signature restaurant, offers cuisine prepared and presented to standards as high as one can find anywhere, while Jamani restaurant offers variety to cater for all tastes.

Special golf and wellness packages are on offer. Inquiries to [email protected]