Durham To TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor(www.TripAdvisor.com) the award-winning search engine that delivers the world`s opinion on travel, today announced the appointment of Michael J. Durham, former President and CEO of Sabre to its Board of Advisors.
“With over 20 years in the travel industry, Mike`s experience will be of great benefit to TripAdvisor,” commented Langley Steinert, Chairman of TripAdvisor. “As an OEM Provider of directory and search services, we will turn to Mike for his knowledge of the travel industry as we implement our strategy for meeting the needs of travel agents and travel service providers.”
According to Durham, “the established GDS companies like Sabre have set industry standards for closed network travel data. TripAdvisor is setting similar standards for web-based travel content, providing a new structured network of relevant travel information. This service will be a competitive asset for travel service providers as they develop and refine their online strategies.”