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White Weddings at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

White Weddings at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

Elisa Peroli is often asked about colours and flowers for weddings at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze. “White verging on creamy pearl seems to be the bride-to-be’s favourite colour lately, while exotic orchids have been taking the place of the classic rose. The bouquet itself usually comes in a range of colours from white to pink, whatever the bride’s age.”

Elisa is Catering Manager at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, and has been recently named Catering Salesperson of the Year 2011 for Europe, Africa and the Middle East by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. The young manager has worked at Four Seasons hotels throughout the world, from London to Los Angeles, Doha to Alexandria, for the past fifteen years.

“Thanks to my job, not only am I able to meet every day with people planning one of the major events in a couple’s life, but I work with a large and varied staff that can satisfy all the future couple’s needs. We do our best to make the wedding day of people busy with their lives and jobs run smoothly and beautifully.”

At the complete disposal of the bride and groom and their guests are not only the Gherardesca Park with view of the Dome and wonderful frescoed rooms, but also a skilled and experienced staff including hairdresser, flower designer Vincenzo Dascanio, a dressmaker and Executive Chef Vito Mollica.

“In 2011, we celebrated more than thirty wedding ceremonies, and many are already reserved for next year. Many couples, both Italian and foreign, choose Four Seasons Hotel Firenze as their wedding location, especially in the months of May, June and September.”