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walk on the wild side with a KENYAN ADVENTURE

walk on the wild side with a KENYAN ADVENTURE

Looking for adventure? Whet your appetite with Kenya’s diverse itinerary of activities which awaits the active and intrepid traveller. The safari concept itself has even been injected with adventure such as mountain biking, deep sea fishing, camel and horse riding safaris, and white water rafting to name a few!  There is plenty to satisfy the adrenalin junkie and the curious explorer!

Kenya is a great sporting and outdoors nation and as a destination it combines this passion with the activities it offers, making it the ideal destination for the active traveller. Trekking enthusiasts will be spoilt for choice between the high altitude trails and the open desert plains of the north. Climbers will be in their element as they conquer the rugged Mount Kenya which is the second highest peak in Africa revealing breathtaking views of the African plains.

Known as a leading safari destination, there are a number of interesting and different ways to observe the beautiful wildlife that inhabit its plains. Off-road mountain biking particularly in Hells Gate, Meru and Lewa provides will get the adrenalin pumping as cyclists explore the bush at their own speed. For a birds-eye view, fly over the savannah in a hot air balloon in many safari parks and spot the spectacular Kenyan Big Five from the sky.

Camel + Girl
A safari by camel is a unique way to see Kenya, and camel’s are an important part of nomadic tribal life. Riding through the wilderness following in the footsteps of the first explorers provides an experience like no other, then camp and sleep under the stars miles away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Horses are also a great way to explore the wilderness where riders will pass through herds of game and meet Kenya’s wildlife up close and personal!

From rivers to coastline Kenya’s waters offer a world of environments to explore. Daily motorised canoeing tours give participants the chance to navigate the wild reaches of the river delta and unobtrusively observe the animals living in the region, from hippos and crocodiles to bird life. Visitors can also raft on the Tana River for the ultimate adrenalin rush! Kenya’s shores are idyllic and popular for a relaxing beach holiday but the ocean is also an adventurer’s playground. Renowned for its big game fishing Kenya has attracted fishing enthusiasts such as Ernest Hemingway. The coast is an ideal place to venture out by boat and the beaches are equipped for all kinds of water sports including scuba diving, snorkelling, windsurfing, catamaran sailing, jet-skiing, kayaking, deep-sea fishing, kite surfing and banana boat rides.


Kenya is rich with the opportunities for those looking for something exciting and different. So embark upon your own great adventure in Kenya!