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Vitrina Turística de ANATO set to raise $10m for Colombian tourism

Vitrina Turística de ANATO set to raise $10m for Colombian tourism ANATO president Paula Cortés Calle

Vitrina Turística de ANATO 2015, the most important tourism showcase in Latin America, will generate $9.7 million in revenue for Colombian capital Bogotá, according to ANATO president Paula Cortés Calle.

According to Calle, the showcase, which has been hosted by Colombia for the past 34 years and in Bogotá for the past 25, is vital to the economy of the capital.

Vitrina Turística de ANATO will this year take place from February 25th-27th.

“From leasing costs at the venue, assembly, design, advertising, accommodation and entertainment, the event will generate 23 billion pesos for Bogotá, equivalent to $9 million. This is a very significant figure for the city, and a important contribution to the tourism sector,” said Calle.

“The event also allows us to define new cruise itineraries, crystallise airline routes, develop new destinations, promote our key places, and of course sell packages through travel agents.”

The annual event, which this year celebrates its 34th anniversary, will welcome more than 37,000 visitors over three days, with more than 1,000 exhibitors from Colombia expected. 

The showcase will this year welcome Puerto Rico as guest of honour, while Bolivar-Cartagena, as a single destination, will be the national focus.

“We thank each and every one of the speakers who have again renewed their support ahead of the Vitrina Turística de ANATO, this is a strong sign of support.

“We work tirelessly to boost the tourism sector here in Colombia and to boost the sector as a priority for the economy here in South America,” concluded president Calle.