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Victoria Seychelles, entertained by visiting Japanese navy band

Victoria Seychelles, entertained by visiting Japanese navy band

A Japanese navy ship made a first when it docked at Port Victoria in the Seychelles, but they came with intentions of charming the people of the islands and had their navy band play in the center of Victoria.

Parked outside the Central Post Office, the navy band, all dressed in their navy whites, provided a different ambience, and everyone appreciated the tunes they played.

Tourist and Seychellois joined together to shout for more with “encore,” as their city center show was coming to an end, and the call for more prompted the band leader to bow with grace as he said thank you and brought one more oldie but goodie to the delight of those present.

“When the saints come marching in” was played, and even then the crowd wanted more. The people of Seychelles were unanimous in complimenting the band for the quality of their performance under a semi-sunny tropical sky.

“Thank you very much to the Japanese navy for livening up Victoria on a normal working day. Let’s hear it for more naval visits and for more navy bands playing in our small capital,” they said.