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Tucan Travel ceases trading in UK

Tucan Travel ceases trading in UK

Tucan Travel has ceased trading as the downturn in travel following the Covid-19 pandemic continues to take a toll on the hospitality sector.

The company operated group itineraries in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe as well as a tailor-made department, offering bespoke tours in Latin America and Asia.

Martyn Sumners, executive director of AITO, said: “Matt Gannan had been in business for 34 years – since 1987 – and joined AITO 11 years ago.

“He was on council from 2016 – coming up for five years – and was thus a director of AITO until today.

“Matt put a lot of effort into finding solutions for AITO members while he was on council, and we shall miss his input considerably.”


Tucan Travel suspended its tour operations in March last year and tried throughout this difficult Covid-19 scenario to look after both staff and customers’ needs, but has now had to admit defeat.

Gannan added: “We’ve had to make many staff redundant over the past ten months in an effort to keep the company alive; most of them were loyal, long-serving staff with families to support.

“Unfortunately, this situation now extends to all staff, which is devastating.

“With clients wishing to receive immediate full refunds of money paid in advance to secure many services on their behalf, and smaller overseas hotels and service providers not having the resources to repay what is owed to tour operators until they are able to reopen their businesses and earn money again, the further tough lockdowns have forced us - with a heavy heart - to place the company into administration.

“I would like to thank all clients, suppliers and staff for their support over many years and hope that all of you get to enjoy travelling again in the future.”

Approximately 700 customers’ travel arrangements will be affected by the demise of Tucan Travel - holidays that were booked in the UK and in Australia. 

The value of these bookings is circa £850,000, and it will be covered by the company’s CAA ATOL and ABTOT bonds.