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Trafalgar launches range of women-only tours

Trafalgar launches range of women-only tours

Trafalgar has announced a move into the female-only market with an exciting new range of tours designed and led by women, for women.

Bookable now, with departures from July, the Women’s Only Tours range will feature 13 itineraries across the UK, Europe, Asia and Egypt.

The expert team has designed the new product range from start to finish, combining the tour operator’s most popular destinations - where it sees the highest percentage of female bookings - and destinations uncovered from internal female focus groups within the operations team at Trafalgar.

Guests will be hosted by a dedicated team of all-female travel directors, drivers and wellbeing directors leading them every step of the way.

From the ancient temples of Egypt to the lush vineyards of Tuscany, the team will take travellers to the real heart of every destination, where they can share the joy of travel with like-minded ladies. 


The 13 itineraries deliver enriching travel experiences and the chance to build deeper connections, including the chance to meet other inspiring women whilst touring, including female artisans, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers across the world.

Travellers will learn about Umbrian weaving in Italy with Marta Cucchia, the woman keeping this ancient tradition alive, visit the village of Demircidere and bake traditional bread with the most liberated women in Turkey, or share a meal with the women of the Iraq al-Amir Women’s Association in Jordan.

The new product range has been built around safety and wellbeing, which are important deciding factors for this target demographic.

Trafalgar takes the stress out of travel by planning all the logistics, from door to destination - allowing guests to truly take in and enjoy every moment, without the worry of where and what next.

Donna Jeavons, sales and marketing director for Trafalgar, commented: “We’ve seen a significant increase in demand for women’s only tours in the past 12 months as more travel destinations around the world open up.

“Trafalgar has years of award-winning experience in creating new products, but it was really important to us that our women-only range was created by women, for women.”