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Trafalgar create unique perfume for Paris travellers

Trafalgar create unique perfume for Paris travellers

Trafalgar has created the perfect experience for fragrance fans, and will launch it on International Fragrance Day.

Paris is famous for its perfumes, and guests travelling on Trafalgar’s seven-night Paris Explorer itinerary this year are in for a fragrant delight.

The brand offers an insider experience that gives guests private access to the Parisian headquarters of iconic perfumery house, Fragonard.

There an official Fragonard “Nose” will unlock the history and secrets of perfume.

Guests can then get hands-on and create their very own fragrance to bring home with them.

Taking the fragrance experience and its 40-year Fragonard partnership one step further, Trafalgar has collaborated with the perfumer to create an exclusive bespoke fragrance for its guests.

La Belle Vie takes inspiration from scented flowers, with fresh, airy and green notes of verbena and grapefruit, combined with lighter low notes of woods and roots to encapsulate the fragrance of France.

“Once used as a love potion in ancient times, the scent is indicative of the love affair of travel, inspired by the natural environment in which the flower grows,” said Agnes Webster, chief executive of the House of Fragonard.

Bottles of La Belle Vie, each 50 millilitres in size, are available to purchase and are exclusively available to guests on Trafalgar’s Fragonard experiences.

“When one travels all five senses are used, but the sense that stands out the most is smell,” added Gavin Tollman, Trafalgar chief executive.

“It instantly transports us back to moments in time, connects us to places and reignites special memories and Trafalgar wanted to celebrate this core connection.”
International Fragrance Day falls on March 21st.

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