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Sweden Expects “Coolcation ” Boom With 21% Increase in Search Queries

Sweden Expects “Coolcation ” Boom With 21% Increase in Search Queries

The summer holiday, once synonymous with chasing the sun, is shifting towards a new trend called “Coolcationing.” Announced by the travel magazine ” Condé Nast Traveler ” (1) as one of the key travel trends for 2024, this trend is gaining significance. Considering recent years’ record temperatures, Author Rick Jordan emphasises that more and more people prefer travelling to regions with moderate temperatures and less crowding.

Sweden and its northern neighbouring countries are becoming increasingly popular due to their moderate summer temperatures and laid-back holiday style.

2023, the hottest on record so far, has prompted travellers to reconsider the traditional hotspots in Southern Europe. The trend towards summer destinations with pleasantly warm and mostly sunny weather leads many to Sweden. Rising temperatures have diminished the allure of hot weather, and more and more people are seeking cooler places to relax. In Southern Sweden, summer temperatures average between 20–25°C, with occasional highs reaching around 30°C. The least amount of rainfall occurs on the islands in the Baltic Sea - such as Gotland, Öland and the archipelagoes that run the length of Sweden´s east coast - and in valleys enclosed by mountains. Because Sweden is situated at a high latitude, summer days in many parts of the country are significantly longer than in more southern countries. According to a study by (2), 51% of respondents are influenced by climate change in their travel planning for 2024. More than half (56%) plan to spend their holiday in a cooler location. This aligns with the expected increase in demand for holidays by water to escape the heat. Six out of eight (75%) find the proximity to water immediately relaxing, and over a third (36%) are interested in holidays near water in 2024. 

In the UK, weather and season play a role in the choice of travel destination for 37% of British international travellers(3).  UK search queries about Sweden have seen an impressive increase of 21% from 2019 to 2023 according to Google(4). The British are most interested in Sweden´s islands and archipelagoes, unique accommodation options such as Tree and Ice Hotels and wellbeing experiences. Searches for islands in Sweden have increased by 66% in 2023 compared to 2022 and beaches by 39,5%. Search queries from British travellers about Sweden illustrate that top destinations, hiking, and cruises (such as those on the Göta Canal) are among the top 20 categories. Popular activities such as hiking (+20%), winter sports (+20%), camping (+23%), hotels (+27%), cruises (+30%), and entertainment parks (+39%) are in focus.

In Swedish regions with proximity to water, overnight stays have experienced a significant upswing since 2019. Skåne, with over 400 km of coastline, abundant sunshine, and bathing opportunities, has seen a 6% increase in foreign overnight stays compared to 2019. Dalarna, known for the 40 km long Lake Siljan, has seen a 11% increase. Kalmar on the Baltic Sea coast of Småland, along with the popular holiday island of Öland, saw an increase of 12% in foreign overnight stays. Blekinge, with its charming archipelago landscape, also shows an increase of 8% in foreign guest nights compared to 2019. The positive trend is not limited to just southern and central Sweden. Even Norrbotten in the far northeast of Sweden, bordering Finland, with its seemingly endless summer days and four archipelagos, is experiencing a rising trend among foreign tourists. This illustrates that the diversity of “cool” water options, whether it’s the extensive coastlines, lakes, or archipelagos, is increasingly appealing to international visitors.


Sweden’s nature entices travellers with its lush greenery, vibrant wildflowers, and approximately 100,000 lakes, offering a playground for outdoor enthusiasts and endless opportunities for exploration. Sweden allows for a summer almost devoid of crowds and traffic noise, a place of tranquillity, vastness, and nature open to all. For more information on summer holidays in Sweden, click here: