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5 Wildlife Trips in Saudi to Celebrate Earth Day

5 Wildlife Trips in Saudi to Celebrate Earth Day

Surround yourself and your family with the lush greenery, natural thermal springs and lively markets of Al Ahsa. Home to one of the biggest oases in the world and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Al Ahsa boasts tall, beautiful date palms.
Take a break and fully immerse yourself in nature as you climb the limestone hills of Al Qarah, reaching the top to digest the spectacular view it offers before exploring the hive of caves and passageways cut into the rock.

Next, you can make your way to Al Ahsa National Park for a family picnic, or go to the King Abdullah Environment Park and enjoy the water fountain light shows as well as the playgrounds, football stadium, mazes and theater.

Don’t leave without experiencing Yellow Lake’s (also known as Asfar Lake) unforgettable captivating view from sitting on golden sand dunes, bonding with your family, and creating lasting memories. Before you leave, take a stroll through Souq Al Qaisariya, one of the oldest markets in Saudi, to stock up on spices, traditional scents, and souvenirs to take back. 

You can also book a tour here starting from SAR 700 (£147) for a group of 5 people if you’re looking for a guided adventure where you will visit Dar Altorath Museum, Al Qarah Mountain, take a tour of Prince’s School museum and indulge a delightful lunch at a local house for a truly authentic experience among other stops.

2. Jabal Shada, Al Baha


South of Jeddah, the Jabal Shada nature reserve is a lesser-explored biodiversity hot spot where unusual rock formations, and flora and fauna that are endemic to the region can be found in quantity. It is also home to unique geological formations of caves that are engraved with Thamudic writings and drawings that date back 3,000 years.

For a unique treat, you can visit and spend the night in one of the caves where Saudi architect Mohammed Nasser Al Shadwee has carved out eye-catching architectural structures, where you can enjoy the comforts of modern living as the cave resorts include bedrooms, kitchens, and balconies with breathtaking views, and simultaneously explore Jabal Shada’s natural wonders.

Choose from a variety of activities to book and do together as a family including hiking, climbing and biking, where you might be able to spot the endangered Arabian Leopard on your next hike.

3. Unveiling the Red Reefs of the Red Sea Dive into the untouched allure of the Red Sea’s hidden red reefs, a paradise waiting to be explored. Visitors can snorkel or dive into crystalline waters, discovering vibrant coral gardens and a kaleidoscope of marine life. From schools of fish to elusive sea turtles, this underwater expedition promises awe-inspiring moments for every member of the family.

4. Safari in Sharaan

In the heart of the majestic Sharaan Nature Reserve, in AlUla, that covers 1.500 square kilometres, visitors can witness the raw beauty of Saudi’s wildlife. In addition to a vast collection of flora and fauna, the Sharaan Nature Reserve also provides sanctuary for species including the endangered Arabian wolves, large-eared red foxes, red-necked ostriches, Arabian ibex, and Idmi gazelles and a variety of birds. A rare wildlife spotting, the critically endangered Arabian leopard is a major conservation focus. Book a 4x4 adventure through Safari Sharaan so you and your family can sit back and relax as a professional guide drives you across this protected area of red-rock canyons, broad valleys, open desert areas and rocky outcrops.

5. Soudah’s Avian Wonderland

Nestled in the heights of Soudah, in the lush Aseer region, families can indulge in the thrill of birdwatching while being surrounded by breathtaking panoramas. Witness a symphony of colors as rare and endemic bird species take flight against the backdrop of lush greenery.

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