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Staytus launches new chat tool to hospitality sector

Staytus launches new chat tool to hospitality sector

Staytus has unveiled Hotel Chat, the first chat platform built exclusively for hospitality.

The web-based service is designed to connect guests and hotels before, during and after the stay.

Publicly accessible by all guests regardless of their personal messaging preferences, Hotel Chat is free of charge for hotels to use.

Hotel Chat bridges the gap between guests’ demands for contactless interactions and hotels’ need for a simple, secure means of managing communications and delivering service digitally.

From the guest side, Hotel Chat offers an instant connection to the hotel and does not require an app to use.


Guests simply scan a QR code or click a link to begin a safe, Covid-19-friendly interaction in more than 100 languages.

From the hotel side, messages are received on a purpose-built platform designed for service.

Messages can be viewed by an unlimited number of staff users.

Staff can respond to guests in their native language and collaborate internally for a faster response.

Hotel Chat also provides a secure, GDPR-compliant environment and no data is stored on staff mobile devices.

This avoids potentially compromising guest data when using personal messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Messenger.

“More and more guests prefer to chat with their hotel.

“This growth trend started even before the pandemic,” said Staytus chief executive, Troy Simoni.

“It’s about convenience and service.

“Excellent service is fast and personal, but doesn’t always need to be face-to-face anymore.

“People want to chat with real humans, not chatbots, and they want quick answers.

“These trends helped us design Hotel Chat.”