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Spicy Samui detox retreat at Spa Four Seasons Koh Samui

Spicy Samui detox retreat at Spa Four Seasons Koh Samui

It’s no secret that Thais make great use of chili in their cuisine. Whether it’s beefing up a spicy tom yum soup, adding a little extra bite to a green curry, or liberally crushed in a mouth-tingling som tam papaya salad, chili is a key part of Thai culinary culture. But chili in the spa? That’s not something one hears every day.

Now, at the Spa at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui, there’s a treatment that does include chili, and embraces the detoxifying and slimming powers of its active ingredient capsaicin. The Samui Detox Retreat is designed to clear the body of impurities, and begins with a Detox Vital Massage targeting problem areas such as the hips, stomach, thighs and upper arms. In combination with vigorous stimulating massage techniques to focus on these areas and any evidence of cellulite, the active ingredient of capsaicin helps to increase blood circulation, stimulate the metabolism, and reduce water retention. A chi nei tsang treatment follows, addressing the abdominal area to aid digestion, internal cleansing, and release vital energy. Guests are then invited to retreat to the privacy of their own villa to conclude the treatment with a herbal bath of natural Thai kaffir lime, lemongrass and ginger to continue draining impurities out of the body.

And if all that chili at the Spa isn’t enough, the team at the Resort’s Thai restaurant Lan Tania will be more than happy to create some healthy spice-laden dishes to complement the treatment.

The Samui Detox Retreat is available now at the Spa at Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui.