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Spa at Four Seasons Vail introduces new Body Treatment

Spa at Four Seasons Vail introduces new Body Treatment

Music has long been touted for its many therapeutic benefits, and relaxation is just one of the many effects that calming music can impart. A new treatment at The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Vail features a combination of soothing and upbeat music, transmitted by a custom-made massage table that allows one to not only hear, but actually feel the music.

This technique takes massage to another level, allowing the recipient of the treatment to have an elevated sensory experience that incorporates sound, smell and touch.

Sara Iafrate, one of The Spa’s own massage therapists, is the creator of the Sound Scentsation, a new signature treatment at Four Seasons. She says the vibration combined with the sound of the music and the touch of the massage has been known to dramatically enhance the overall massage experience. “The senses are ultimately indulged, leading into a state of relaxation where physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation can take place.”

The Sound Scentsation massage offers an exclusive way to experience massage, both through the therapist’s techniques and the vibrations coming from the carefully selected music. The custom massage table used in this special treatment features built-in vibroacoustic speakers, which transmit a range of low bass sound frequencies from the music to one’s body. The concept behind the vibration is that when transmitted, the body and mind are instantly soothed and comforted. The sound of the music and the gentle vibration, plus the addition of aromatherapy, helps to transmit peace, de-stress, and alter one’s mood and sense of well-being.

Guests who have experienced the Sound Scentsation comment on its ability to help the mind fully relax. With the enhanced sensory experience by the vibrating effects of the music, it allows one to be able to more easily de-stress.


Initial feedback includes comments such as “It is the IMAX of massage,” and “I felt I became the music.” This unique treatment is touted for its strength in assisting one to slip into a deep meditation.

“Our new Sound Scentsation treatment is so unique that we are the only spa offering this treatment in the Vail Valley,” says Spa Director Craig Newton. “I’m confident that many of our guests are going to be pleasantly surprised, if not deeply impacted, by the way this treatment imparts such a profound sense of calmness and relaxation.”