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Spa at Four Seasons at Beverly Hills introduces BioMeditation Therapy

Spa at Four Seasons at Beverly Hills introduces BioMeditation Therapy

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills has introduced a new healing modality, BioMeditation Therapy, known to naturally activate self-healing and strengthen the immune system, nervous system and metabolism.

Bioenergetic Meditation creates a foundation for health and inner harmony. Originally created by renowned Russian healer Victor Philippi, BioMeditation Therapy removes energetic blockages and corrects information at the energetic level, enabling the body to recognize imbalances and regenerate at the core.

Hands on healing is the oldest known method of healing in the world. BioEnergy is believed to be the life sustaining energy. Once the BioEnergy begins to flow throughout the body, self-healing is activated and blockages such as stress and anxiety begin to dissolve. The harmonious teamwork of the immune system, metabolism and nervous system is essential for the body to experience wellness. Dreamlike relaxation and rejuvenation is experienced as different forms of conscious and unconscious stress and anxiety are removed.

“We are excited about this profoundly healing new modality with BioMeditation Therapist Jeannette von Johnsbach, which works with the body’s unique energy to create harmony,” said Spa Director Derek Hofmann.

This specialized 60-minute session works on spiritual, mental and physical levels to nurture, detoxify and balance cells in the body. Guests simply lay down while listening to a specific soundtrack selected for its strong energetic effect, which supports the dissolution of different blockages. During BioMeditation Therapy, Jeannette uses four main hand positions to activate the flow of BioEnergy. Additional hand positions are used depending on the guest’s unique situation. When hands are placed on the body during this process and BioEnergy starts flowing, the person’s self-healing power is activated, blockages begin to dissolve and information at the energetic level is corrected. This is when BioMeditation healing in the body begins, which has been found beneficial to many guests in cases of stress, anxiety and inner restlessness, as well as many physical conditions. BioMeditation Therapy does not use hypnosis or programming. Guests remain in a conscious state during the session. Guests may experience physical reactions following the session, which are a positive sign, immediately showing the effect of BioEnergy.


Jeannette von Johnsbach has been personally trained by Viktor Philippi as a BioMeditation Therapist. Her passion to help people heal themselves allowed her to study and practice healing arts in Europe, India and the United States for more than 20 years. She is the Founder of The Andreas Method.