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Seychelles well received at the Kenya Getaway Fair

Seychelles well received at the Kenya Getaway Fair

The Seychelles 9 sqm pavilion at the fair portrayed the island’s unique pristine beach decorated with local traditional artifacts. The stand captured the eyes not only of the trade and consumer but also visitors who stopped by for a briefing on what Seychelles has to offer as the perfect holiday destination.

Amia Jovanovic-Desir, Senior Marketing Executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board, and Seychelles Tourism Ambassador to Kenya, Popsy D’souza-Getonga, who were present at the fair, noted that the objective of the décor worked well and attracted many visitors throughout the three-day event.

The Seychelles stand winning a prize at the fair is no doubt due mainly to Mrs. D’souza-Getonga’s hard work and devotion. Her creative flair and warm Seychellois heart has helped to position Seychelles as an ideal holiday destination in Kenya.

Mrs. Jovanovic-Desir said that the interest shown by the visitors at the fair could only be described as immense and rewarding due to the high level of interest on the islands. “We had numerous requests from tour operators requesting rates, as well as enthusiastic individuals and families who are planning to visit Seychelles in December this year,” she said.

“It should be mentioned that [the] United Nations has a strong base of expatriates’ community with a pool of approximately 100,000 workers who is eager to experience a different holiday ambiance compared to the usual safaris, which they are accustomed to. I can confirm that there would be immense results from this market if we continue with the right marketing strategies and tactics,” Mrs. Jovanovic-Desir added.


While attending the Getaway Fair, Mrs. D’souza-Getonga and Mrs. Jovanovic-Desir also met with Mr. Mureithi Ndegwa, the Chief Executive Officer of the Kenyan Tourism Board (KTB). Discussion by the parties centered on various tourism issues and cooperation that can beneficial to both countries.